EKOMILK BOND Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers

EKOMILK BOND Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers

EKOMILK BOND with its new compact design is provided in 3 different models. According to the specific needs the client can order his own configuration.

EKOMILK BOND TOTAL as a complex solution with additional measuring parameters titratable acidity in the pH module and indication for abnormal conductivity rate is advisable in all applications.

Ekomilk Bond

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β-Lactams & Tetracyclines Combo Test Kit

Being the result of obtaining high milk yield, cow mastitis is quite common in modern dairy industry, thus antibiotics like β-Lactams and tetracyclines, etc., are frequently administered in veterinary clinical practice. However, these antibiotics residues in milk may cause potential damage to human health, which is now strictly controlled and supervised in many countries..

BT Combo Test Kit
Milk Antibiotic Residue Test