Bottle-filling and capping automats (PZA)

Bottle-filling and capping automats (PZA) are designed for bottle- filling in plastic (PET) or glass bottles and capping them with plastic screw caps or aluminum caps type ‘pilferproof’ in the food, wine and tobacco industry. They are divided into two main types according to their construction:

  • Automats for bottle-filling of non-fizzy drinks – MBV;
  • Automats for bottle-filling of fizzy drinks – MBN.

Both types of the machine can be operated with bottles 155 to 325 mm high and with diameter from 55 to 104 mm. Capacity of the machines varies according to the bottle volume.
Bottle- filling is done according to a set level. Full bottles are taken to the capping section by an intermediate spider. Any machine can operate with different types of bottles that differentiate in volume and their height and diameter is within the above-mentioned scale, but in case the bottles have the same bottle mouth. For any type of bottle is produced additional set that can be easily changed.
Bottle- filling and capping machine has a separate drive and a control device for capacity with a frequency regulator without degrees. They are equipped with protective facing. They are produced in different types.