Cheese Vat

The cheese machine prepares, cuts and matures the curd for yellow cheese production. The tub is heat exchanging, indirectly heated. It is oval in shape and made of stainless steel. The tub contains two stirrers that turn in the opposite directions and provide an intensive milk and curd mixture. Frames to cut the ready curd can quickly and easily replace the stirrers.
The regulation of the stirrer and cutter revolution is achieved without grades by means of a frequency transformer. The tub including the operation device is mounted on a bearing frame.

Technical indices
yield capacity 3000 l/cycle 5000 l/cycle
steam consumption 100 kg/cycle 160kg/cycle
installed capacity 1.1 kW 1.5 kW
Stirrer revolution
overall dimensions 3 – 12 mm -1
length 2890 mm 2890 mm
width 2180 mm 2180 mm
tub depth 750 mm 1200 mm
height with bearing dame 3000 mm 3450 mm
height without bearing flame: 1700 mm 2150 mm
weight 1850 kg 2350 kg