Milk Analyzer Ekomilk Spectra

Milk analyzer EKOMILK Spectra is a mid-infrared and ultrasound hybrid Milk Analyzer. It brings the best from both technologies together using ultrasound for proven, cost-efficient and robust measurement of milk parameters and mid-infrared for fast, highly sensitive detection of adulterant concentrations.

Along with the milk parameters measurement and adulteration monitoring this new generation of hybrid milk analyzer provides an on the field comfortable, fast and cost effective way for collecting, processing and saving all data about the volume and quality of the milk supplied by each of the milk vendors.

As a future development this analyzer will also provide a flexible way for fast (real time) calculating of the payment amounts for each of the milk vendors. All these data can be easily transferred later by an USB Flash drive (pen) to a PC for further processing and archiving..

Ekomilk Spectra is designed for fast and cost effective control of milk quality – detecting adulterants (ammonium sulfate, urea, sucrose, water) and milk parameters (Fat, Protein, Solids Not Fat, Density, Freezing point, Added Water).

Average time per 1 measurement – 45 sec.

Application Area: Dairy farms; Milk collecting points; Dairy industry; Veterinary and dairy laboratories